Best Cryptocurrencies of 2018: What Are the Best Bitcoin Alternatives?

Important: This position should not be taken as investment advice. The author focuses on the best coins in terms of actual use and adoption, not financial or investment.
Bitcoin Price
In 2017, crypto markets set a new standard for simple profits. Almost every piece or chip brought incredible profits. As they say, “A high tide floats all boats” and the end of 2017 was a flood. The rise in prices has created a positive feedback cycle, which is attracting more and more capital to Crypto. Unfortunately, but inevitably, this fast-moving market leads to a huge investment. Money has been thrown indiscriminately into all sorts of dubious projects, many of which will not bear fruit.
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In the current bear environment, hype and greed are being replaced by critical appraisal and caution. Marketing promises, endless shillings and charismatic oratories are no longer enough, especially for those who have lost their money. Well, the main reasons to buy or hold a coin are once again superior.
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Key factors in cryptocurrency valuation

There are some factors that tend to beat the hype and price pumps, at least in the long run:

Reception angle

Although the technology of cryptocurrency or ICO business plan may seem amazing without users, they are just dead projects. It is often forgotten that widespread acceptance is an important feature of money. In fact, it is estimated that more than 90% of Bitcoin’s value depends on the number of users.
While the adoption of fiat is mandated by the state, the adoption of cryptography is purely voluntary. Many factors go into the decision to accept a coin, but perhaps the most important consideration is the likelihood that others will accept the coin.
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Decentralization is essential to the I push Model of true cryptocurrency. Without decentralization, we’re a little closer to a Ponzi scheme than a real cryptocurrency. Trust in individuals or institutions is a problem that cryptocurrency tries to solve.
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If hacking a coin or a central controller can change the transaction record, it calls into question its basic security. The same goes for parts with unverified code that haven’t been thoroughly tested over the years. The more you can rely on the code working as described regardless of human influence, the more secure the coin is.

Trusted coins strive to improve their technology, but not at the expense of security. True technological progress is rare because it requires great experience as well as wisdom. Although there are always fresh ideas that can be distorted, doing so misses the point if it is posed by weaklings or critics of the coin’s original purpose.
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Innovation can be a difficult factor to evaluate, especially for non-technical users. However, if a currency code is stagnant or doesn’t receive updates that address important issues, it could be a sign that the developers are low on ideas or motivation.
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The economic incentives inherent in currency are easier for the average person to understand. If a coin has a large pre-mine or ICO (initial portion offering) where the team holds a significant portion of the chips, it is quite clear that the main motivation is profit. By buying what the team has to offer, you play your own game and enrich it. Instead, be sure to provide tangible and reliable value.
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5 cryptocurrencies to buy in 2018
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There has never been a better time to re-evaluate and rebalance your crypto portfolio. Based on their solid fundamentals, here are five pieces that I think are worth buying at the current depressed prices (just a warning, they may drop).

#1. Bitcoin (due to decentralization)
Number one belongs to Bitcoin (BTC), which remains the market leader in all categories. Bitcoin has the highest price, the widest speculation, the most security (due to the phenomenal energy consumption of bitcoin mining), the most popular brand identity (forks have tried to match) and the most development Active and rational. It is also the only piece represented in traditional markets in the form of Bitcoin futures trading on the American CME and CBOE.

Bitcoin remains the main engine; The performance of all other parts is highly correlated with Bitcoin performance. My personal expectation is that the gap between bitcoin and most if not all other parts will widen.
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Bitcoin has several promising innovations in its pipeline that will soon be installed as additional layers or soft forks. Examples Flash system (LN), wood, Schnorr signatures Mimblewimbleund more.

In particular, we plan to open up a new range of applications for Bitcoin as it enables large-scale, microtransactions and instant and secure payments. LN is increasingly stable as users test its various capabilities with real Bitcoin. As it becomes easier to use, it can be assumed that Bitcoin will benefit greatly from its adoption.

#2. Litecoin (for its persistence)

Litecoin (LTC) is a clone of Bitcoin with a different hash algorithm. Although Litecoin no longer has the anonymity technology of Bitcoin, amazing reports have shown that Litecoin is now the second only bitcoin to be accepted on dark markets. Although it is a currency that I am more suited to the role of obtaining illegal goods and services, perhaps this is a consequence of Litecoin’s longevity: it was launched in late 2011.

Another factor in Litecoin’s favor is that it integrates Bitcoin SegWit technology, which means that Litecoin is made for LN. Litecoin can benefit from the exchange of atomic chains. In other words, secure peer-to-peer trading of currencies without the involvement of third parties (i.e. exchanges). Litecoin is well-positioned to benefit from Bitcoin’s technical progress, as it largely syncs its code with Bitcoin.

#3. Ethereum (because of smart contracts)

Ethereum (ETH) is currently experiencing some major problems. First of all, governments are reaching out to ICOs, and rightfully so: many have turned out to be either scams or bankrupt. Since most icos operate as ERC tokens 20 on the Ethereum network, the ICO craze has added a lot of value to Ethereum in recent years. Ethereum projects can claim some legitimacy as a scam crowdfunding platform if proper regulations are adopted to protect investors.

The second major challenge facing Ethereum is the delayed transition to a new hybrid work and battery detection system. Ethereum mining GPU is profitable right now, but Bitmain just announced an Ethereum ASIC minor, which could affect the bottom lines of GPU miners. It remains to be seen whether this will change the captives and how successful this change will be.

If Ethereum can survive these two major challenges – regulation and mining – it will have shown great resilience. Otherwise, there are several competing currencies following their shadows, such as Ethereum Classic (etc.), Cardano (ADA), and EOS.

#4. Monero (for its anonymity)

I (XMR) remains a Prime Minister’s secret, though not all are expected to be accepted on the black markets. Its reputation and market capitalization are still higher than those of its competitors – and for good reason.

Monero code Zcash “faithful” main ceremony requires little faith, and Dash in contrast was a fair start. Monero recently modified Pow to defeat the development of a small ASIC for its algorithm, confirming the commitment of the mining decentralization piece. A significant decrease in hash rate is due to the new version that is consistently reported against the ASIC. This could also be an opportunity for GPUs and even small CPUs to come back to me. Monero’s new version, 0.12, includes other improvements that show Monero continues to grow along sensitive lines.

#5. iPRONTO (decentralized incubation platform)

The iPRONTO incubation platform is an Ethereum chain, to investors looking for a safe and reliable platform to invest in new ideas, and to future innovators who can present their ideas and receive feedback from users, experts in the field of practice and implementation of acquired ideas.

In the event that the client’s business idea is sent to the Committee for examination and registration on the platform, an NES in Smart Contract format will be signed between the expert platform and the client, so the ideas of innovators are supported. The idea will be published on the chain’s public platform, not to all users, but only to selected members of the target community who are willing to sign the Smart contract to protect the privacy of the idea.

4 Tips to Help You Enjoy a Successful Crypto Trading Career

If you want to make a lot of money with Bitcoin today, your best bet is to go for trading instead of investing. All you need to do is buy and sell your coins and get a small profit after each sale. If you’re just starting out, you’ll have to start from scratch just like everyone else. If you play the game well, you can earn tons of money in a short period of time. In this article, we have some tips to help you enjoy a successful cryptocurrency trading career. Read on to find out more.

If you are interested in making tons of money from Bitcoin trading, there are many important things to consider. It all depends on your experience and intelligence. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some tips that will help you make a lot of money and avoid common mistakes.

1. Know the Risk First

This is one of the most common mistakes that most traders make. If you are not aware of the risk of this trade, you should not go on this adventure. If you are not aware of the challenges, you can lose a lot of money.

Before investing your hard-earned money, you may want to assess the risk. So, this is one of the most important things to consider.

2. Diversify your investment

When it comes to Bitcoin trading, we suggest diversifying your investments. This applies to all types of investments. In other words, if you only want to invest in Bitcoin, you would be wrong. You should also invest your money wisely in other cryptocurrencies.

This is important if you want to be on the safe side and cut your losses and turn them into profits.

3. Be patient

Money doesn’t grow on trees. All traders enter the cryptocurrency world to make money. However, once you buy the cryptocurrency you want, you can’t make money right away. And then there is no guarantee that you will continue to make profits throughout your journey in your career. Therefore, you may want to be prepared to deal with this type of situation.

4. Don’t be greedy

Finally, it is important to stay away from greed because it is your worst enemy when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. You need to be patient as Bitcoin prices keep changing. It is not a good idea to be afraid of changes and sell your money immediately. So, if you don’t have patience, you cannot succeed in your career as a trader.


Long story short, these are some of the most useful tips you can try if you want to succeed as a cryptocurrency trader. If you play the game well, you can make good money in a few years if not months.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is a never-ending game in this digital world. Bitcoin, the first decentralized currency introduced in early 2000. Mining cryptocurrency is a complex procedure for verifying transactions and adding them to the public ledger (blockchain). This ledger of past transactions is called a blockchain because it is a chain of blocks. Blockchain serves to confirm transactions with the rest of the network. Blockchain is also responsible for issuing new bitcoins. Each of the many cryptocurrencies in existence depends on the basic idea of ​​blockchain.

Mining process

Cryptocurrency was designed to be decentralized, secure and immutable. Thus, every transaction is encrypted. Once this encrypted transaction occurs, it is added to what many call a “block” until a certain number of transactions have been recorded. At this point, that block is added to the publicly available chain – the blockchain. Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum, etc. while mining cryptocurrencies, the miner must collect the last links into blocks and solve a computationally difficult puzzle. There are several online bitcoin mining sites. This has become a very popular way to earn money.

Cryptocurrency is cryptographic, that is, it uses special encryption that allows you to control the creation of coins and confirm the transaction. The block is pretty useless in its current form. However, after applying the algorithm to a particular block. After matching, the miner receives some bitcoins. To earn bitcoins through mining, a miner must be a technician. Bitcoin mining for profit is very competitive. The price of Bitcoin makes it difficult to make a profit without speculating on the price. Pay is based on how much their hardware contributes to solving that puzzle. Miners verify transactions, make sure they aren’t bogus, and keep the infrastructure humming.

The best coins to mine

Bitcoins are not a decent decision for small-scale one-shot miners. The upfront speculation and maintenance costs involved, as well as the obvious scientific challenge of the procedure, simply don’t make it viable for consumer-grade hardware. Currently, Bitcoin mining is reserved for large-scale operations as it is. Litecoins, Dogecoins, and Feathercoins are, again, the three Scrypt-based digital currencies that have the best money-saving advantage for students. According to current estimates of Litecoin, a person can earn from 50 cents to $10 per day using client-level mining equipment. Dogecoins and Feathercoins will be marginally less profitable with similar mining hardware, but are becoming more popular every day. Peercoins can also be quite a fair profit for your time and vitality initiative.

As more people join the cryptocoin boom, your decision to mine may become more difficult, as more expensive equipment will be required to mine the coins. You will either be forced to contribute heavily if you have to keep mining that coin, or you will have to take your income and switch to a less demanding cryptocoin. Understanding the main 3 bitcoin mining strategies is probably where you should start; This article focuses on mining script coins. Likewise, make sure you are in a country where bitcoins and bitcoin mining are legal.

The purpose of mining

Let’s center around mining cryptocurrency. The whole point of mining is to do three things:

1. Give accounting controls to the coin network. Mining is every minute of daily computer accounting called “verification of transactions”.

2. Get a small reward by accepting fractions of coins every few days for your accounting administrations.

3. Lower your personal expenses, including energy and equipment.

Some Basic Terms

A free personal database called Coin Wallet. It is a password-protected container that stores your earnings and keeps an extensive record of transactions. AMD’s similar free mining software package usually consists of cgminer and stratum. Registration in a web-based mining pool, a community of miners who connect their PCs to increase profitability and wage stability. Register at an online money exchange where you can exchange your virtual coins for regular cash and vice versa. A reliable full-time web association, ideally 2 megabits per second or higher. Hardware installation space in your basement or other cool and air-conditioned space.

A desktop or specially designed personal computer designed for mining. Sure, you can use your current computer to get started, but you won’t be able to use the computer while the drill is running. A separate personal computer is ideal. Tip: Do not use a laptop, game console or handheld device to mine. These devices are simply not successful enough to generate wages. A special processing device called an ATI graphics processing unit (GPU) or mining ASIC chip. The price will range from $90 to $3,000 per GPU or ASIC chip. GPU or ASIC will be the work force for issuing accounting offices and mining.

A home fan to blow cool air on your mining computer. Mining generates significant heat, and equipment cooling is critical to your well-being. Personal interest. With constant innovation changes and new methods emerging to improve coin mining, you definitely need a strong appetite for reading and constant learning. The best coin miners spend their hours consistently considering the most ideal ways to adjust and increase their coin mining performance.

Profitability of Cryptocurrency Mining A fixed amount of bitcoins is generated every time a mathematical problem is solved. The amount of bitcoins generated per block starts at 50 and halves every 210,000 blocks (approximately four years). Currently, the number of bitcoins issued per block is 12.5. The last halving took place in July 2016 and the next halving will be in 2020. Estimating profitability can be done using various online mining calculators. The development of digital currency standards, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, has led to major initiatives by companies, which is required to help the market grow substantially in the near future.

Cryptocurrency mining is a computationally intensive process and requires several networks of personal computers to verify a transaction record known as a blockchain. Excavators are offered a fraction of the transaction costs and are more likely to find another block by contributing to high computing power. These support operations help to provide enhanced security to network customers and guarantee integrity, which is trusted as a noticeable factor influencing the development of the global cryptocurrency mining market.

How to understand Bitcoin?

A Guide to Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

Although Bitcoin is one of the most searched terms (according to Google), it is a very technical topic for many people and can be overly technical for non-geeks. However, there are now hundreds of cryptocurrencies and more and more people want to know how they work because of the insecurity of bankers, which is a whole different discussion.

It’s hard to get a layman’s explanation without using technical terms like “secret keys”, “digital keys”, “digital wallet” and “cryptocurrency”, so I’ll do my best to keep things as straight as possible. be able.

The concept of fiat money, i.e. paper currency, was created to make it easier for people to exchange goods or services, as this would at best be limited to an exchange between two willing parties, whereas money allows you to provide money. purchase your service or goods, and then any services or goods you request from another or others.

Therefore, I would argue that Bitcoin is the 21st century equivalent of barter because it works directly as an exchange of goods or services between two willing parties. Barter must be based on every promise and trust, to secure and deliver the promised good or service.

With Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency today, each party needs a unique file or unique key to exchange an agreed value between each other.

By having a unique key or file, it becomes easier to keep a record of each transaction. But this also comes with problems.

Now, barter is a simple exchange of skills or goods as I already mentioned, the modern equivalent or bitcoin is vulnerable to security breaches, i.e. theft or hacking of files, where a “cryptocurrency wallet” comes into the equation to ensure security. your transactions.

Basically you need a safe place for your cryptocurrency/bitcoin purchases and holdings. Hence the need for a hardware wallet.

So now you have written/recorded what amount of bitcoins are stored at which address and then updated each time a transaction is made, the file is known as the “Blockchain” and it stores a record of all bitcoin transactions.

The next thing is to ensure that our files remain unique.

I will talk about this in my next article.

What is Bitcoin and why is cryptocurrency so popular?

Bitcoin has been a buzz word in the financial space. In fact, Bitcoin has exploded onto the scene in the past few years and many people and many large companies are now jumping on the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency bandwagon.

People who are brand new to the cryptocurrency space constantly ask this question; “What is Bitcoin Really?”

For starters, bitcoin is essentially a digital currency outside of any federal government control, it’s used all over the world and can be used to buy things like your food, drinks, real estate, cars, and other things.

Why is Bitcoin so important?

Bitcoin is not sensitive to things like government control and exchange rate fluctuations of foreign currencies. Bitcoin is backed by the complete trust of an individual (you) and it is strictly peer-to-peer.

This means that when everyone completes transactions with Bitcoin, the first thing they realize is that using it is cheaper than trying to send money from bank to bank or using any other services that require sending and receiving money internationally.

For example, if I want to send money to China or Japan, I have to get a commission from a bank, and it will take hours or even days for that money to get there.

If I use Bitcoin, I can easily do it instantly from my wallet, mobile phone or computer without any of the fees. For example, if I want to send gold and silver, it would require a lot of guards, it would take a lot of time and a lot of money to transport the bullion from point to point. Bitcoin can do it again with the touch of a finger.

Why do people want to use Bitcoin?

The main reason is that Bitcoin responds to these unstable governments and situations where money is not as valuable as it used to be. The money we have now; the paper fiat currency in our wallet is worthless and will become even cheaper in a year.

Even big companies are showing interest in blockchain technology. A few weeks ago, several Amazon customers were asked if they would be interested in using a cryptocurrency if Amazon created one. The results showed that many were very interested. Starbucks has even hinted at using a blockchain mobile app. Walmart has even applied for a patent for a “smart package” that would use blockchain technology to track and authenticate packages.

Throughout our lives, we’ve seen many changes from how we shop, watch movies, listen to music, read books, buy cars, look for homes, and now how we spend money and bank. Cryptocurrency is here to stay. If you haven’t already, it’s time for everyone to fully learn about cryptocurrency and learn to take full advantage of this trend that will continue to evolve over time.

Analysis of the cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrency has been around for a while and there are many articles and articles about the basics of Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has not only flourished, but also opened up as a new and reliable opportunity for investors. The cryptocurrency market is still young, but mature enough to shed the right amount of data for analysis and predict trends. Although considered to be the most volatile market and a huge gamble as an investment, it has now become predictable to a certain point and Bitcoin futures are proof of that. Many of the concepts of the stock market have now been applied to the cryptocurrency market with some modifications and variations. This proves to us that many people are adopting the Cryptocurrency market every day and now more than 500 million investors are participating. Although the total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is $286.14 billion, which is about 1/65 of the stock market at the time of writing, the market potential is very high given its success despite its age and the presence of already established financial markets. This is because people are starting to believe in the technology and products that support cryptocurrency. It also means that the crypto technology has proven itself and companies have agreed to put their assets into cryptocurrency in the form of coins or tokens. With the success of Bitcoin, the concept of cryptocurrency has succeeded. Previously the only Cryptocurrency, bitcoin now contributes only 37.6% to the total Cryptocurrency market. The reason is the emergence of new Cryptocurrencies and the success of projects that support them. This does not indicate that Bitcoin is failing, in fact Bitcoin’s market capitalization has increased, but rather that the cryptocurrency market as a whole is expanding.

These facts are enough to prove the success of Cryptocurrencies and their market. And in fact, investing in the Crypto market is now considered as safe as some investing in a retirement plan. Therefore, what we need next are tools for analyzing the cryptocurrency market. There are many such tools that allow you to analyze this market in a similar way to the stock market that provides similar metrics. Including coin market cap, coin tracker, cryptocurrency and investment. Even if we consider these metrics to be simple, they provide important information about the cryptocurrency under consideration. For example, a high market cap indicates a strong project, a high 24-hour volume indicates a high demand, and a circulating supply indicates the total amount of a cryptocurrency’s coins in circulation. Another important indicator is the volatility of cryptocurrency. Volatility is how much the price of a cryptocurrency changes. The cryptocurrency market is considered to be very volatile, cashing out at a moment can bring a lot of profit or pull your hair out. So what we are looking for is a cryptocurrency that is stable enough to give us time to make a calculated decision. Currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum-classic (not particularly) are considered stable. Being stable, they must be strong enough not to become invalid or simply cease to exist in the market. These features make cryptocurrency reliable and the most reliable Cryptocurrencies are used as a form of liquidity.

When it comes to the cryptocurrency market, volatility goes hand in hand, but so does its most important feature, which is decentralization. The cryptocurrency market is decentralized, which means that a price drop in one cryptocurrency does not mean a downtrend in any other cryptocurrency. So it gives us an opportunity in the form of so called mutual funds. This is the concept of managing a portfolio of cryptocurrencies that you invest in. The idea is to spread your investments across multiple Cryptocurrencies to reduce risk if any cryptocurrency starts with a bear.

Similar to this concept is the concept of Indices in the cryptocurrency market. Indices provide a standard reference point for the market as a whole. The idea is to choose the best currencies in the market and spread the investment between them. These selected cryptocurrencies change if the index is dynamic and only considers the best currencies. For example, if currency ‘X’ falls to the 11th position in the cryptocurrency market, the index that considers the top 10 currencies will now not consider currency ‘X’, but will instead consider currency ‘Y’, which took its place. Some providers like cci30 and crypto20 have tokenized these Crypto indexes. While this may seem like a good Idea to some, others are against it due to the fact that there are some prerequisites for investing in these tokens, such as a minimum investment amount being required. While others like Kryptose provide the methodology and index value along with the currency components, the investor is free to invest the amount he wants and can otherwise choose not to invest in the cryptocurrency included in the index. Thus, indices provide an option to further smooth volatility and reduce the risk involved.

The result

The cryptocurrency market may seem risky at first glance and many may still be skeptical of its authenticity, but the maturity it has achieved in the short time it has been around is amazing and is enough proof of its authenticity. The biggest concern of investors is volatility, which is addressed in the form of indices.

If You Think You’ve Missed The Internet Profit Revolution, Try Cryptocurrency

When most people think of cryptocurrency, they may also think of cryptic currency. Few people know what it is, and somehow everyone talks about it as if they do. This report will hopefully clarify all aspects of cryptocurrency so that by the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a pretty good idea of ​​what it is and what it’s all about.

You may or may not be able to say that cryptocurrency is for you, but at least you’ll be able to speak with a degree of confidence and knowledge that others may not have.

There are already many people who have reached the status of millionaires by trading cryptocurrency. Obviously, there is a lot of money in this new industry.

Cryptocurrency is electronic currency, short and simple. However, what is not so short and simple is how the value is derived.

Cryptocurrency is a digital, virtual, decentralized currency produced through the application of cryptography, and according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, it is “the computerized encoding and decoding of information”. Cryptography is the foundation that makes debit cards, computer banking and e-commerce systems possible.

Cryptocurrency is not backed by banks; it is not supported by the government, but by an arrangement of very complex algorithms. Cryptocurrency is electricity encoded into complex strings of algorithms. What gives them value for money is their complexity and security from hackers. The way cryptocurrency is developed is extremely difficult to replicate.

Cryptocurrency is the direct opposite of so-called fiat money. Fiat money is a currency that derives its value from government decree or law. The dollar, yen, and euro are all examples. Any currency defined as legal tender is fiat money.

Another part of what makes cryptocurrency valuable, unlike fiat money, is that, like a commodity like silver and gold, it is only available in limited quantities. Only 21,000,000 of these extremely complex algorithms were produced. Neither more nor less. It cannot be changed by printing more, for example printing more money to power the system without government support. Or something where the Federal Reserve would instruct banks to adjust for inflation by changing a bank’s digital ledger.

Cryptocurrency is a means of buying, selling and investing that completely avoids both government control and banking systems to track the movement of your money. In an unstable world economy, this system can become a stable force.

Cryptocurrency also gives you a lot of anonymity. Unfortunately, this can lead to misuse by a criminal element who use cryptocurrency for their own ends, just as regular money can be misused. However, it can also prevent the government from tracking your every purchase and invading your privacy.

Cryptocurrency comes in several forms. Bitcoin was the first and is the standard on which all other cryptocurrencies model themselves. All are made with precise alpha-numeric calculations from a sophisticated coding tool. Some other cryptocurrencies are Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin and Worldcoin. These are collectively called altcoins. The prices of each are regulated by the supply of the particular cryptocurrency and the market demand for that currency.

The origin of cryptocurrency is quite interesting. Unlike gold, which must be mined from the ground, cryptocurrency is simply an entry in a virtual ledger stored on various computers around the world. These inputs must be “mined” using mathematical algorithms. Individual users, or more likely a group of users, perform computational analysis to find specific series of data called blocks. ‘Miners’ find data that creates an exact pattern for a cryptographic algorithm. At that time it was applied to the series and they found a block. After matching the equivalent series of data in the block with the algorithm, the data block was encrypted. The miner receives a certain amount of cryptocurrency reward. Over time, the amount of the reward decreases as the cryptocurrency decreases. In addition, the complexity of algorithms in the search for new blocks also increases. Computationally, it becomes difficult to find a suitable series. Both of these scenarios come together to slow down the rate of cryptocurrency creation. This mimics the difficulty and scarcity of mining a commodity like gold.

Now anyone can be a miner. Bitcoin’s creators made the mining tool open source, so it’s free for everyone. However, the computers they use run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Algorithms are extremely complex and CPU full tilt. Many users have computers specially designed for cryptocurrency mining. Both user and specialized computer are called miners.

Miners (humans) also maintain ledgers of transactions and act as auditors to ensure that a coin is never duplicated. This protects the system from hacking and confusion. They pay for this work by buying new cryptocurrency every week they continue their activity. They store their cryptocurrencies in special files on their computers or other personal devices. These files are called wallets.

Let’s review a few definitions we learned:

• Cryptocurrency: electronic currency; also called digital currency.

• Fiat money: any legal tender; supported by the state, used in the banking system.

• Bitcoin: the original and gold standard of cryptocurrency.

• Altcoin: Other cryptocurrencies that are created using the same processes as Bitcoin, but with slight changes in their coding.

• Miners: an individual or group of individuals who use their own resources (computers, electricity, land) to mine digital coins.

o Also a special computer specially designed to find new coins through a series of algorithm calculations.

• Wallet: a small file on your computer where you store your digital money.

A brief conceptualization of the cryptocurrency system:

• Electronic money.

• Coins are mined by individuals using their own resources to find them.

• A fixed, limited currency system. For example, there are only 21,000,000 bitcoins ever produced.

• It does not require any government or bank to operate.

• Valuation is determined by the amount of coins found and used and combined with public demand to own these coins.

• There are several forms of cryptocurrency, the first being Bitcoin.

• It can bring great wealth, but like any investment, it also has risks.

Most people find the concept of cryptocurrency attractive. This is a new area that could be the next gold mine for many of them. If you find that there is something you want to learn more about cryptocurrency, you have found the right report. However, I have barely scratched the surface in this report. There is much more to cryptocurrency than what I have covered here.

A Beginner’s Guide to Owning Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency is buzzing all over the world whether you are on the internet or any media. This is one of the coolest and craziest things to come out in just the last few years. More importantly, you can earn awesome income by trading bitcoins or keep it for a long time.

You can hear about Stocks, Commodities, Forex and now a new currency called Bitcoin trading that has a huge impact on our lives. In this beginner’s guide to Bitcoin cryptocurrency, you will learn the ABC’s of Bitcoin.

About Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

The origin of Bitcoin is still unknown, but in October 2008, an article was published from Japan under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. His identity is still unknown, and as of September 2017, he is believed to have about one million bitcoins worth more than $6 billion.

Bitcoin is a digital currency popularly known as cryptocurrency and is free from any geographical boundaries. It is not regulated by any government and all you need is an internet connection. As a beginner, Bitcoin technology can confuse you and it can be a bit difficult to know about it. However, I will help you dig it deeper and how you can easily make your first Bitcoin trade.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency works on blockchain technology, which is a digital public ledger that is shared by everyone in the world. Whenever you trade any Bitcoin, you can find your transactions here and anyone can use the ledger to verify it. The transaction will be completely transparent and verified by the blockchain. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are parts of the blockchain, an awesome technology that only works on the internet.

Basic terms related to Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Before you get ready to own your first Bitcoin, it is better to know the basic terms related to bitcoins. It is also called as BTC which is a part of bitcoin and 1 bitcoin is equal to 1 Million bits. With the emergence of Bitcoins, some other alternative cryptocurrencies have also developed. They are popularly called Altcoins and include Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR) and many others.

XBT and BTC are the same thing and are commonly abbreviated to bitcoin. Mining is another commonly used term and is actually a process done by computer hardware for Bitcoin networks.

Things you can do with Bitcoin

You will be able to trade, transact, receive and store bitcoins. You can send it to your friends, send a friend request and save it in your digital wallet. Even now you can add mobile/DTH directly by paying through bitcoin.

Transaction cost is low compared to PayPal, Credit cards and other online intermediaries. In addition, it also protects your privacy that can be leaked online while using credit cards. It is extremely secure and no one can intercept or steal the coins. Due to the transparency in the system, it is also impossible to manipulate thanks to the shared public ledger. You can check the transaction anywhere and anytime.

Since the total production of bitcoins will be limited to only 21 million, the demand is likely to increase. Japan has already legalized it and soon other countries may follow suit and the price may increase even more.

In the coming days I will give more details about Bitcoins where you will learn cool things about bitcoin trading. You can comment your thoughts and ask anything related to bitcoins.

If you found this beginners guide to Bitcoin Cryptocurrency useful, please share and like it on social networks.

Stages of Market Mania

What is mania? It is defined as a mental illness characterized by extreme excitement, euphoria, delusions, and hyperactivity. When investing, it becomes investment decisions driven by fear and greed, without the restraint of analysis, reason or balance of risk and reward consequences. The craze usually runs parallel to the business development of the product, but the timing can sometimes be skewed.

The Technology.com boom of the late 90s and today’s cryptocurrency boom are two examples of how mania operates in real time. This article will highlight these two events at each stage.

Ideation Stage

The first phase of mania begins with a big idea. This idea is still unknown to many, but the earning potential is huge. This is usually translated as unlimited profits, because “nothing like this has ever happened before.” The Internet was one such case. People who used the paper systems of the time asked, “How can the Internet replace such a familiar and entrenched system?” as they were suspicious. The backbone of the idea begins to form. This translated into the modems, servers, software and websites needed to turn an idea into something tangible. Idea stage investments start poorly and are made by people who “know”. In this case, it can be the visionaries and the people working on the project.

The same question is being asked in the cryptocurrency world: How can a piece of cryptocode replace our monetary system, our contract system, and our payment systems?


The first websites were crude, limited, slow and annoying. Skeptics look at the “information superhighway” talk of visionaries and ask, “Can it really be that useful?” The forgotten element here is that ideas start at worst, then evolve into something better and better. This is sometimes due to better technology, greater scale and lower costs, better applications for the product in question, or greater familiarity with the product combined with great marketing. On the investment side, early adopters are coming in, but there is no euphoria and astronomical returns yet. In some cases, the investments have yielded decent returns, but not enough to make the masses jump. It’s like the slow internet connections of the 1990s, websites crashing, or search engines having incorrect information. In the cryptocurrency world, this is seen in high mining costs for coins, slow transaction times, and accounts being hacked or stolen.


Word is starting to get out that this is the internet and “.com” is the hot new thing. Products and perceptibility are being built, but because of the massive scale involved, the cost and time would be enormous before anyone could use it. As markets trade off the cost of investment and the potential of the business, the investment aspect of the equation begins to move forward with respect to business development. The euphoria is starting to materialize, but only among the early adopters. This is happening with the explosion of new “altcoins” in the cryptocurrency world and the massive media press the space is getting.


This stage is dominated by the parabolic income and potential that the internet offers. Applications or problems are not given much thought because “the income is huge and I don’t want to miss out”. As people buy out of sheer greed, the words “irrational exuberance” and “mania” become commonplace. Negative risks and negatives and are largely ignored. Symptoms of mania include: Any company with any name is red hot, analysis is thrown out the window in favor of optics, investment knowledge is less and less visible among newcomers, there are 10 or 100 bagger return expectations. common and few people actually know how the product works or doesn’t work. This resulted in stellar returns in the cryptocurrency world in late 2017 and a hundreds of percentage point rise in shares of companies using “blockchain” in their names. There are also “reverse takeover bids,” where listed but dormant shell companies are renamed to something blockchain-related and the shares are suddenly actively traded.

Crash and Burn

The business scene for a new product is changing, but not as quickly as the investment scene is changing. Eventually, a shift in mindset occurs and a massive selling frenzy begins. Volatility is massive and many “weak hands” have been removed from the market. Suddenly, reanalysis is being used to justify that these companies have no value or are “overvalued”. Fear spreads and prices accelerate downward. Companies that are not profitable and survive on hype and future prospects are blown up. An increasing number of frauds and scams are coming to light to take advantage of greed, leading to more fear and selling of securities. Businesses with money quietly invest in a new product, but progress slows because the new product is a “dirty word” unless profits can be convincingly demonstrated. This is starting to happen in the cryptocurrency world with higher incidences of coin thefts and folding lending schemes using cryptocurrencies. Some of the marginal coins lose value due to their speculative nature.


The investment landscape at this stage is littered with losses and bad experiences. Meanwhile, the big idea is starting to catch on, and it’s a boom for businesses that use it. It begins to be applied in daily activities. The product is becoming standard, and visionaries say the “information superhighway” is real. The average user feels that the product has improved and it begins mass adoption. Businesses with a real profit strategy get hit in the crash and burn phase, but if they have the money to survive, they move on to the next wave. This has yet to happen in the cryptocurrency world. The expected survivors are those with a tangible business case and corporate backing – but which companies and coins those will be remains to be seen.

The Next Wave – The business lives up to the hype

At this stage, the new product is standard and the profit is obvious. Business is now built on profit and scale rather than ideas. There appears to be a second wave of investment starting with these survivors and extending into another early stage mania. The next phase is characterized by social media companies, search engines and online shopping, all of which are derivatives of the original product – the internet.

The result

Manias works on a model that plays out in a similar way over time. Once you recognize the stages and the thought process involved in each, it becomes easier to understand what’s going on and make investment decisions clearer.

6 benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies

The birth of bitcoin in 2009 opened the doors to an entirely new asset class – cryptocurrency investment opportunities. Many entered the space early.

Intrigued by the huge potential of these fledgling but promising assets, they bought cryptocurrencies at a bargain price. Consequently, the 2017 bull run saw them become millionaires/billionaires. Even those who did not invest much money made a decent profit.

Three years later, cryptocurrencies are still profitable and the market is here to stay. You may already be an investor/trader or thinking of trying your luck. Either way, it makes sense to know the benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency has a bright future

Credit and debit cards will become obsolete, according to a report called Imagine 2030 published by Deutsche Bank. Smartphones and other electronic devices will replace them.

Cryptocurrencies will no longer be seen as outliers, but as alternatives to existing monetary systems. Their benefits such as security, speed, minimal transaction fees, ease of storage and compatibility in the digital age will be recognized.

Concrete regulatory rules will popularize cryptocurrencies and increase their adoption. The report predicts that the number of cryptocurrency wallet users will reach 200 million by 2030 and around 350 million by 2035.

An opportunity to be part of a growing Community

WazirX’s #India Wants Crypto the campaign recently completed in 600 days. It has become a grassroots movement supporting the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in India.

Also, the Supreme Court’s recent judgment overturning the RBI’s ban on crypto banking from 2018 has created a new surge of confidence among Indian bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors.

The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Report also shows people’s increasing trust in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. According to the findings, 73% of Indians trust cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. 60% say the impact of cryptocurrency/blockchain will be positive.

By becoming a cryptocurrency investor, you become part of a thriving and rapidly growing community.

Increased Profit Potential

Diversification is a basic investment rule. Especially in these times when most of the assets have suffered huge losses due to the economic difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While investing in Bitcoin has returned 26% year-to-date, gold has returned 16%. Many other cryptocurrencies have recorded triple-digit ROIs. As we all know, stock markets have shown dismal performances. Crude oil prices fell below 0 in April.

Including bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies in your portfolio will protect the value of your fund even in uncertain global market conditions. This fact was also influenced by billionaire macro hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones when he announced plans to invest in Bitcoin a month ago.

Cryptocurrency Markets Available 24X7X365

Unlike regular markets, cryptocurrency markets work around the clock, all days of the year without fatigue. This is because digital currency systems are designed using pieces of cryptographically protected software code.

The operational plan does not involve human intervention. So you are free to trade crypto or invest in digital assets whenever you want. This is a great benefit! Cryptocurrency markets are very efficient in this way.

For example, Bitcoin has successfully processed transactions with a 99.98% uptime since its inception in 2009.

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No paperwork or clearance is required

You can invest in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime without any unnecessary terms and conditions.

Unlike conventional investment options where an absurdly high amount of documentation is required to prove yourself as an “accredited investor”, crypto-investing is free for all. In fact, this was the intended purpose behind the creation of cryptocurrencies. Democratization of finance/money.

To buy any cryptocurrency VizirX, you need to open an account, for which you just need to provide some basic information, including your bank account information. Once they’re approved, you’re ready to go within hours.

Sole Ownership in Investment

When you buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you become the sole owner of that digital asset. The transaction takes place in a peer-to-peer agreement.

Unlike bonds, mutual funds, stock brokers, no third party “manages your capital” for you. You call the sales staff whenever you want.

User autonomy is the biggest advantage of cryptocurrency systems, which provides incredible opportunities to invest your main capital and build a corpus “independently”.

These were some of the advantages of investing in cryptocurrencies. We hope you find them useful and convincing enough to start your crypto investment journey.